Install MongoDB locally – source

Start mongoDB server:

mongod --dbpath <path to data directory

Do’t forget to manually stop it with ctrl+c

This whole process seems a bit manual, is there an automatic way to do all of this and not have to manually specify dbpath every time I want to start the server?


  • mongod
  • mongo
  • help
  • show dbs
  • use
  • insert
  • find
  • update
  • remove

C – create
R – read
U – update
D – destroy/delete

Mongoose – is for mongodb what jQuery is for working with JS and the DOM.

Thing are getting quite difficult to understand 😕

Node JS packges learned

In the past when following various js courses I got exposed to a lot of resources. At the time I didn’t write any of that down and later down the line I had trouble trying to achieve the same results during my learning time.

Now I’m following yet another online course about Node js, and this time I’m writing down the name of the packages used for easy reference + some notes on methods/areas to explore further on my own.